We would like to help you add a valuable service to your clients, and develop a new revenue stream.

Sometimes it is hard to find new products or a new value add to offer your clients. Now you can do what many other businesses have been very successful with: Resell our asset tags to your clients! This takes the burden off of them and locks you in as the supplier, and helps block out the competition. This program is available to qualified resellers of our products.

We make 3 levels of asset tags, from economy grade to the strongest asset tags on the planet.

From heavy construction equipment, to electronic, computer, or office equipment, our asset tags will stay on and look good for many years.

Please call us to discuss the details of our reseller program at (904)-484-8992 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to see if your company is qualified to become an affiliate. To review our affiliate agreement, click HERE.

Watch this video to see the features of all 3 types of our asset tags: Strong, Stronger, & Strongest.

To make sure our asset tags will look good on your clients equipment for years, we tested them on a bulldozer!

Watch this video to see how they held up.

Please call us or fill out the form below if you would like information about our reseller program. We will send you our affiliate agreement so you can start helping your clients asap!

Tel: (904) 484-8992

To review our affiliate agreement, click HERE.

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