The School Nightmare

We received a call from a school district that had just purchased a large quantity of asset tags “at a great price”. They applied the tags to a couple thousand pieces of equipment and everything was going along smoothly… until they discovered that the printing was scratching off! Now they were behind schedule, and had a new job on their hands – removing a whole lot of asset tags and replacing them with a higher quality label that won’t scratch and the kids cant remove them easily. They called us because they heard that we have Strong Asset Tags. They now order from us on a regular basis, and the issues that they had with their “discount” labels are no longer haunting them. Don’t let an up front “discount” turn into an expensive nightmare! Order Strong Asset Tags!

The Found Gold

We connected with a manufacturing company via social media, and they said that they were happy with their current label vendor and declined our offer to send them samples. We told them that we would love to be their supplier and we would be happy to give them a quote on what they are currently using. They accepted our offer, and since we were able to save them thousands of dollars every year on their asset tags, we became their new supplier. It was like they found hidden gold! All they had to do was choose Strong Asset Tags, and you can too!

When free isn’t a good deal

We received a call from a school district that was using an outside vendor to track the assets of their district. As long as they used this company, they were going to save SO MUCH MONEY on asset tags, because this company was going to furnish them for FREE!! The problem was, they got what they paid for. After using them for a while, and discovering that the kids were easily removing the tags and scratching off the printing, they called us because they wanted Strong Asset Tags. We helped them solve an expensive problem by providing tags that really stick, and you can’t scratch the printing off. Now they “recycle” the free labels they get from their other vendor.

This isn’t the 80’s

A computer manufacturer called us after seeing our videos on Linkedin. They wanted to update their brand and get some 3D nameplates for their product line. Their current vendor didn’t have the capabilities to give them this upgrade, so they called us. Their old, dated nameplates were replaced by beautiful, 3D embossed badges that completely changed the look of the entire systems that they were selling. We not only manufacture great asset tags, but we can help you with any label, overlay, nameplate, tamper evident label, and yes, barcode labels too!

OH NO! Not a spreadsheet!

Spreadsheets are not easy to deal with. Some companies don’t know how to work with them. Other companies charge ridiculous fees if you send them spreadsheets that contain the data that you need printed on your asset tags. We work with school districts every day that send us spreadsheets that contain many pages of variable data. We gladly print your asset tags from the spreadsheets at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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