We Make Very Strong Asset Tags

We make the strongest asset tags and we use the best 3M adhesive so they won't fall off.

Our Asset Tags are so strong you can put them on a BULLDOZER!


This image shows an asset tag that failed

Our Asset Tags are designed to last a long time inside or outside. The Strong level tag is a 2 mil polyester and is our entry level asset tag. Our Stronger asset tags are made with 5 mil vinyl and they have a clear overlaminate on top to protect the printing. These have a 2 mil adhesive that will stick to most surfaces. Our Strongest level asset tags are made with a 5 mil polyester, and they have a 5 mil clear overlaminate for ultimate protection, and a full 5 MILs of 3M adhesive on the back. This adhesive is specially designed by 3M to stick to difficult surfaces like plastic and metal. Our asset tags can be printed with a QR code if you want your service personnel or clients to be able to scan the tag with their smart phone to access specific pages on a website. Code 128 and code 39 barcodes are the most popular if you want a barcode, and these are also available with just a serial number. We can print your FULL COLOR logo on your asset tags if you choose the Stronger or Strongest level tags.

We have 3 strength levels of asset tags so take a look below and watch the videos to find out which one would work best for your application.

Option #1 - Strongest Level Asset Tags

Data Sheet For Strongest Level Asset Tags

these are some features of our strongest level asset tags


This is our strongest asset tags pricing.

Option #2 - Stronger Mid Level Asset Tags

Data Sheet For Stronger Level Custom Asset Tags

here are the features of our stronger level asset tags


This is our stronger asset tags pricing.

Option #3 - Strong Economy Level Asset Tags

Data Sheet For Strong Level Custom Asset Tags

some features of our strong asset tags


This is our strong asset tags pricing.
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We make the strongest asset tags, and this shows our strongest strength level of asset tag.
We make the strongest asset tags, and this shows our strongest strength level of asset tag.

These videos are only about 1 minute long, and they show the details of each of our asset tags.

We make the strongest asset tags, and this shows our strongest strength level of asset tag.

We tested our "Strongest" level tag on the steel treads of this bulldozer - if they didn't fall off of this monster, our asset tags will definitely work for you!

This short video shows all three of our strength levels of asset tags.

Click here for the data sheet for the 3M adhesive that we use on our Strongest Level Asset Tags.

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Why Do Our Customers Prefer Strong Asset Tags?

Superior Asset Tag Materials

Over the last 25+ years we have tried and tested many different types of asset tag materials and narrowed it down to 3 types that will work for any application. Our Strong level of Asset Tags are a 2 mil polyester with permanent adhesive on the back. These asset tags are very thin, but not as durable as our Stronger & Strongest level of tag, so we recommend using these in applications where short term use or indoor long term use is the goal. Our Stronger level of Asset Tags are a 5 mil vinyl overlaminated with a clear protective layer, and permanent adhesive on the back. These are rated for 5 year outdoor durability and are available in full color, any size or shape. Our Strongest level of Asset Tags are 10 mil plastic with a very aggressive 3M adhesive on the back, and an extreme protective overlaminate on top. These are so strong, they stayed on the treads of a bulldozer, steamroller, front end loader, and we even blew them up to see what would happen. See the videos HERE.

Competitive Asset Tag Pricing with Low Minimum Order Requirements

We have no setup charge, low minimum orders, and FREE SHIPPING! On our Stronger & Strongest level asset tags, we will print full color including your logo for no extra charge. We send you several proofs before printing starts at no charge. Our per piece pricing is almost always lower than other companies, so give us an opportunity to give you a competitive quote, and you will be glad you did!

Free Shipping.

We have FREE SHIPPING! Normal lead time is 1-2 days, and some orders will ship SAME DAY.

We will print barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers, even from a spreadsheet at no extra charge.

Other companies charge extra for printing barcodes, QR codes, or printing from spreadsheets (UNBELIEVABLE!) We believe that the barcode is part of our asset tags, so it would be a rip off if we charged extra for something that is a required element of your asset tags.

Leading Technology.

In addition to using the most advanced printing technology on the planet, we offer an App called Universal Product Registration, which allows you to have a client or service technician scan the QR code on the asset tag with a smart phone, and a portal opens on the phone that can show all types of information about the product including videos, date of manufacture, parts list, link to order parts, schedule service, or any other fully customizable option you can think of. This is truly revolutionary!

We offer much more than just asset tags.

Most of our clients also have a need for other types of labels, nameplates, and graphic overlays. They can get these products from us as well, so they don’t have to search on the internet trying to find a reputable supplier. We offer case badges, domed case badges, tamper evident labels, 3D nameplates, graphic overlays, and any type of label or applique that you can think of, available in any size, color, or shape. We are a ONE STOP SHOP for all of your labeling needs. Learn more ABOUT US.

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