Strong Asset Tags are the best custom Asset Tags , QR Code Asset Tags, and Barcode Asset Tags on the market!

Three strength levels for you to choose from:



desk with asset tag
  • 2 mil thickness POLYESTER
  • 6 colors available
  • Silver or white background
  • Rated 2 years outdoors
  • Available in tamper evident material


fire extinguisher with asset tag
  • 8 mil thickness Laminated VINYL
  • VERY strong adhesive
  • 3mil Clear Overlaminate
  • Full color logo. Any size or shape available
  • QR code, Barcode, or just number on all of our tags
  • Rated up to 5 years outdoors


  • 12 mil thickness PLASTIC
  • EXTREMELY Strong 3.5 mil PERMANENT adhesive, even sticks to Low Surface Energy like POWDERCOAT
  • 6mil Overlaminate for EXTREME protection
  • Full color logo. Any size or shape available
  • Rated 5+ years outdoors

FORMULA ONE RACING uses our Strongest Level tags on their equipment and here is an article that shows how. 










Strong AssetTags are the best asset tags, asset tag labels, and asset tag stickers. They come in three strength levels and are made of polyester, vinyl, or plastic. These durable asset tags are available in full color with barcodes or serial numbers, waterproof with permanent adhesive and plastic coating to stick to just about everything eliminate the possibility of the printing scratching. All three strength levels are available in any size or shape. Plus, there’s no charge for a die or setup fee in most cases. Schools and universities, airlines, retailers, inventory management tracking professionals, and maintenance (dashboard, MRO) leaders choose Strong Asset Tags for their asset tag strength and theft prevention properties for fixed and moveable assets. Types include:

  • Asset Tags
  • IT Asset Tags
  • Equipment Labels
  • Asset Labels
  • Metal Asset Tag Alternatives
  • Property of Stickers

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We offer the best custom asset tags, asset labels, and asset stickers in the market, You design it, or we can design your asset tags for you at no additional charge that are:

  • Full-color asset tags with barcodes, QR codes or serial numbers
  • Waterproof asset tags with permanent adhesive and plastic coating to stick to everything and eliminate the possibility of the printing getting scratched
  • Three asset tag strength levels 
  • Any size or shape asset tags with no charge for a die or setup fee 

Our asset tags come in three strength levels to meet the requirements for any physical and moveable asset tag application since each is equipment-specific. We offer:

STRONG Asset Tags • STRONGER Asset Tags • STRONGEST Asset Tags

We are your solution to pair the correct asset tag, asset label, or asset sticker to meet your requirements, including:                

  • Custom Asset Tags
  • Asset Stickers
  • Asset Tags For Computers, Computer Equipment, Any Equipment, Furniture, IT Equipment, Schools
  • Asset Labels
  • Equipment Asset Labels and Asset Tags
  • Fixed Asset Labels and Asset Tags
  • Heavy Duty Asset Labels for Equipment and Tools
  • Heavy Duty Barcode Asset Labels
  • Heavy Duty Asset Stickers For Equipment
  • Metal Asset Tag Alternatives
  • 3D Nameplates (not an asset tag)
  • Number Label Asset Stickers
  • Number Asset Stickers
  • Permanent Asset Labels For Equipment
  • Permanent Asset Tags For Equipment
  • Printed Barcode Asset Labels
  • Property Stickers and Property Asset Tags
  • Property of Labels, Property of Stickers, Asset Tags
  • QR Code Asset Labels
  • Security Asset Stickers
  • Serial Number Asset Stickers
  • Tags And Asset Labels
  • Waterproof Barcode Asset Labels
  • Asset Tags with Barcodes, including a Custom Barcode 

We know you’ll agree, Strong Asset Tags is your best solution to protecting your assets!

Strong Asset Tags doesn’t just make Asset Tags.
We also print high quality  3D nameplates, and tamper proof labels

Asset tags are available for many applications and in three strength levels 

Customers choose the best asset tags and strength levels to meet their requirements. Here are some common asset tag applications and the suggested strength level of each asset tag, asset label, or asset sticker:

Strong Level Asset Tags 

Why buy the Strong Level Asset Tags? Because they’re;

  • Thermal transfer-printed polyester labels (silver or white)
  • Made with a permanent adhesive on the back
  • Recommended for smooth surfaces that don’t get subjected to harsh treatment

Stronger Level Asset Tags      

Why buy the Stronger Level Asset Tags? They are: 

  • Pretty darn strong
  • A vinyl label with a clear, protective laminate on top to keep scratches away
  • Made with 2 mil adhesive on the back that sticks great on smooth surfaces.
  • Used indoors or outdoors and WATERPROOF

Strongest Level Asset Tags 

Why buy the Strongest Level Asset Tags? They are:

  • Strongest because of the adhesive – even sticks to low surface energy surfaces
  • The first choice of schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, IT companies
  • Made with 3.5 mil adhesive on the back that sticks great on smooth and textured surfaces
  • Used indoors or outdoors and WATERPROOF
  • Long-lasting, won’t scratch, and sticks better than what you’ve had before
  • Field-tested and proven to be the best to hold up under extreme, industrial-type conditions – and these companies tell us so:
    • Dupont – uses them on heavy equipment, railroad cars
    • NASA – uses them on tools and equipment
    • Delta Airlines and Walmart – use them in fulfillment centers, warehouses


Here are some common applications and strength levels for our Asset Tags, Asset Labels, and Asset Stickers:

Click to enlarge

We offer custom 3D nameplates, too:

Click to enlarge

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Do you need more information?

These videos are only about 1 minute long, and they show the details of each of our asset tags.

We tested our “Strongest” level tag on the steel treads of this bulldozer – if they didn’t fall off of this monster, our asset tags would definitely work for you! This is why DupontDelta Airlines, and Walmart buy these tags from us.


This short video shows all three of our strength levels of asset tags.

Our QR code asset tag with the right software gives clients’ more value and unlimited possibilities.

Our QR code asset tag with the right software gives clients more value and unlimited possibilities. If you print a QR code on an asset tag and use the right asset tag software, a $1 sticker can increase its value to $1,000. A QR code printed on an asset tag can:

  • Be scanned with a smartphone – even make a phone call
  • Go to a website
  • Send an email
  • Show a model or serial number

Dynamic QR code asset tags can get crazier than that, too! Developed in the 1980s, barcodes and barcode design software are part of almost every product we buy. Nearly every product in the marketplace has a barcode label, asset tag, or QR code asset tag label printed in a small space with a:

  • One-dimensional or 1D barcode asset tag with vertical lines (holds up to 15 characters of information)
  • Two-dimensional or 2D barcodes, such as a QR code asset tag (looks like a square with smaller squares inside and holds up to 2,000 characters of information 

When scanned, the code on the asset tag – on a barcode label or QR code asset tag label – tells your computer or smartphone to “do something,” such as:

  • Find a price at the grocery store
  • Help you order a part for a small appliance
  • Tell your smartphone to find a particular website

Many available software apps and programs you use with your smartphone can help you turn that $1 QR code asset tag label into $1000 worth of helpful information. How? For example:

If you rent bicycles:

  • Put an asset tag barcode label on each one
  • Scan the asset tag code, which keeps track of when one rents, how many are out or on hand, etc.

If you have an HVAC company:

  • Make an Excel spreadsheet with a column with each truck #, tool description, and other relevant information to populate in the asset tag software app, so when you have:
    • Ten service vehicles on the road filled with all types of equipment, three trucks show up at the same customer address, and tools are lying around in each truck; the asset tags with QR codes on each tool tells you which tool belongs to which truck

Strong Asset Tags experts help you customize a specific program to meet your asset tag needs. For instance, if you were this HVAC company, we can:

  • Generate the QR code asset tag labels with specific information from the spreadsheet
  • Give the labels a “human-readable” text so you know where the QR code asset tag label should be applied
  • Scan the asset tag code into the app in your smartphone, and the information as listed exactly on your spreadsheet pops up

Pretty cool, huh? This basic description of how to use QR code asset tags, asset labels, or asset stickers allows for endless possibilities!

You can even have the QR code asset tag scanned to point to a page on a website. For instance, this function Allows food manufacturers to comply with the Federal Government’s National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard Legislation (NBFDSL), which requires a QR code asset tag on food labels. When a consumer scans the QR code asset tag with a smartphone, it automatically pulls up a webpage defining if there are any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the food contained in the labeled package

One of the biggest problems most businesses have with the QR code asset tag and barcode asset tag labels bought from some online companies is:

  • The printing scratches off the asset tag
  • The adhesive on the back of an asset code label is of bad quality, so the asset tag label falls off

OUR customers don’t have either of those problems!

If you want QR code asset tags or barcode asset tags that WON’T SCRATCH or FALL OFF, call us at Strong Asset Tags! (904) 484-8992


Why do our customers prefer Strong Asset Tags?

Superior Asset Tag Materials

Over the last 25+ years, we’ve tried and tested many different types of asset tag materials and narrowed it down to 3 types that will work for any application. Our Strong Level Asset Tags are a 2 mil polyester with permanent adhesive on the back. These asset tags are very thin but not as durable as our Stronger Asset Tags and Strongest Level Asset Tags. We recommend using these in applications where short- or long-term indoor use is the goal. Our Stronger Level Asset Tags are a 5 mil vinyl overlaminate with a clear protective layer and permanent adhesive on the back. These are rated for 5-year outdoor durability and are available in full color, any size or shape. Our Strongest Level Asset Tags are 10 mil plastic with a very aggressive 3M adhesive on the back with an extreme protective overlaminate on top. These are the types of asset tags that Dupont, Delta Airlines, and Walmart buy from us because they are long-lasting and the most durable asset tags you can buy. These asset tags are so strong, they stayed on the treads of a bulldozer, steamroller, front-end loader, and we even blew them up to see what would happen! See our asset tag videos HERE.

Competitive Asset Tag Pricing with Low Minimum Order Requirements

We have no setup charge, low minimum orders, and FREE SHIPPING for all of our asset tags! On our Stronger & Strongest Level Asset Tags, we will print full color, including your logo, for no extra charge. We’ll send you several proofs before printing at no charge. Our per-piece asset tag pricing is almost always lower than other companies, so give us an opportunity to give you a competitive quote on your asset tags, and you’ll be glad you did!

Free Shipping

We have FREE SHIPPING! The normal lead time is 1-2 days, and some orders will ship SAME DAY.

We will print barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers on asset tags, even from a spreadsheet, at no extra charge

Other companies charge extra for printing asset tag barcodes, QR codes, or printing from spreadsheets (UNBELIEVABLE!). We believe that the asset tag barcode is part of our asset tags, so it would be a rip-off if we charged extra for a required element of your asset tags.

We make Strong Asset Tags using the BEST materials, and our customers TRUST US!

They include: