Get Strong Asset Tags & You Won't End Up In The HALL OF SHAME!

This barcode label (yes, at one time is actually was a barcode label) is on the bottom of a kitchen appliance sold by a world wide manufacturer. As you can see, there is nothing left to see. A total waste of time and money. They should have used a Strong Asset Tags solution where a QR code could be scanned with a smart phone by the customer and be directed to the company website to order parts, watch product videos, or email customer support. Our tags would still be proudly showing the full color company logo, phone number, serial number, and the QR code. This label is in the Hall Of Shame because of it's total failure in such a very short period of time. This company found out that Cheap is Cheap!

These labels are on a piece of heavy equipment and they are literally disintegrating. The label on the left has been a total waste of space for a long time. Maybe they should have invested a little more money into labels that would not look so horrible after a short time outdoors. Our strongest asset tags are guaranteed for up to 5 years outdoors and will not ever end up looking like it has leprosy. (identifying information has been whited out)

This used to be a barcode label. It is attached to a very expensive device, but obviously there was no budget for a very important part. Now the customer can't read the serial number or other contact information that might have been on this label when it was applied. Luckily, the adhesive on the back of the label was as bad as the printing on the front, so this label was easy to remove. Don't let this happen to your equipment! We can supply you with very strong asset tags that will look good for the lifetime of your equipment.

You can almost tell what was on this label when it was put on this computer. They could have saved some time and money by not putting such a low quality label on their expensive computer equipment. It makes you wonder what corners they cut on the inside?? Image is everything, and this gives a very poor image. We can help you broadcast a high quality image by providing you with high quality nameplates, asset tags, and labels.