Custom Equipment Tags

We make custom equipment tags for any type of equipment. From different types of construction equipment, computers, electronics, peripherals, our custom equipment tags will stay on and look good on your equipment for a long time.

Our custom equipment tags have been sold around the world and have been applied to hundreds of different types of equipment, from bulldozers, computers, drones, electronics, and military equipment. Our Strongest level equipment tags are just that - the Strongest you can get in this price range. They are 5mil polyester with a durable 5mil clear protective laminate on top that also has a UV inhibitor to prevent fading. They stay where you put them because there is 3M adhesive on the back and this is your best choice if your equipment tags will be exposed to abrasion or extreme environments. The next level is our Stronger Level tags, a 5mil vinyl overlaminated with 2mils of permanent adhesive on the back. We also have our economy Strong level equipment tags that are used mostly for short term or high volume/low budget projects.

We offer 3 types of custom equipment tags with either barcode or just serial number:

Watch this video to see the features of all 3 types of our custom equipment tags: Strong, Stronger, & Strongest.

To make sure our custom equipment tags will look good on your equipment for years, we tested them on a bulldozer!

Watch this video to see how they held up.

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