Equipment Labels

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These are samples of our equipment tags.

Take a look at our 3 levels of Equipment Labels and choose which one works best for you:

equipment labels
equipment labels

Equipment Labels are an important part of staying in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley Act:

Our equipment labels are the best way to mark your assets with a unique number or barcode. We can add a QR code or barcode so you can scan the numbers into a spreadsheet or software program. Our equipment labels are manufactured in different thicknesses as well as different kinds of adhesives depending on what your application is. The most durable equipment labels have 5 mils of 3M adhesive on the back with a clear plastic protective coating on top so they won't scratch. We make equipment labels for many large companies like Coca Cola and WalMart that are used indoors and outdoors. Our many satisfied customers have been using our equipment labels for many years, and you can too!

Take a minute to watch a video of our equipment labels here:

This video describes our levels of equipment labels here:

Do you need equipment labels that won't fall off? We tested these on a bulldozer!

Watch this video to see if they stayed on:

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