Metal Asset Tags

Our Asset Tags are so strong we tested them on a BULLDOZER!


This aluminum wheel is corroded due to oxidation. When aluminum gets scratched and is exposed to the air, this is what happens. That is why we make our asset tags with polyester or vinyl, and overlaminate them with a protective layer so they won't scratch. Metal asset tags are usually made with aluminum that is anodized, and they can scratch easily, and you don't have that problem with the asset tags that we make. Metal asset tags are much more expensive, and are made for applications where very high temperatures are present. Most applications don't need metal asset tags, so why pay twice the price for tags you don't need? Try our asset tags instead!

We have 3 different strength levels of our asset tags, so pick the one that works for your application. You can get any of the three options with either barcode or just serial number:

Option #1 - Strongest Level Asset Tags
Data Sheet For Strongest Level Asset Tags

Option #2 - Stronger "Mid Level" Asset Tags

Option #3 - Strong "Economy Level" Asset Tags

Watch these very short videos that explain our different types of asset tags:

We put the "Strongest" level asset tag on the steel treads of this bulldozer - see what happens next!

This short video shows the differences between the types of asset tags we offer:

Click here for the data sheet for the 3M adhesive that we use on our Strongest Level Asset Tags.

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