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If you want to buy barcodes, you came to the right place because we make barcode tags and labels that stick on almost anything. We have 3 different types to pick from, depending on where you are going to use them and how long they need to last. We can print QR codes, and different types of barcodes like code 128 and 39.

To buy barcodes, please choose from these 3 types of barcode tags:

Strong - Stronger - Strongest

Buy barcodes Option #1 - Strongest Level Barcodes

Here is more information for you to learn about before you buy barcodes: See the 3M Data Sheet Here. Click here to see a video where we put these barcode tags on a bulldozer. Here is our data sheet for the Strongest level barcode tags..

To buy barcodes Option #2 - Stronger Mid Level Barcodes

To buy barcodes of our "Stronger" level barcodes: HERE. Here is our data sheet for Stronger level barcode tags..

Buy barcodes Option #3 - Strong Economy Level Barcodes

To buy barcodes of our "Strong" level barcodes: The Strong level of barcode labels don't last as long as our Stronger or Strongest level labels, so if you don't know which one you need, you can watch this video that describes all three levels of our barcode labels. To order your Strong level barcode labels HERE. For more information on our barcode labels, click here for our Strong level barcode labels data sheet.

Before you buy barcodes, watch these 3 videos that explain the features of each strength level of our Barcodes:

When you buy barcodes from us, our standard sizes for our barcodes are:
  • 1" x 2"
  • .75" x 2"
  • .75" x 1.5"

(custom sizes and shapes are available)

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Before you buy barcodes, watch this video to see the features of all 3 types of our barcode tags: Strong, Stronger, & Strongest.

Before you buy barcodes, watch this video where we put our barcode tags on a bulldozer to see if they would hold up while it moved 100 tons of sand - see what happens in this short video!

Watch this video to see how they held up.

If you want to see samples before you buy barcodes, please call us or fill out the form below if you would like information about our barcode stickers or other products that we manufacture.

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