2D Barcodes

2D barcodes are the same as QR codes. The name 2D means that there are two dimensions on which information can be stored, both vertically and horizontally. We have 3 different types of 2D barcodes or QR code labels to choose from, depending on where you are going to use them and how long they need to last. Any size or shape is possible.

We have these 3 types of 2D barcodes:

Strong - Stronger - Strongest

Option #1 - Strongest Level 2D barcodes

Our Strongest 2D barcodess are made by using 5 mil polyester and a 6 mil clear over laminate and a 2 mil or 5 mil 3M LSE adhesive on the back. These 2D barcodes can be printed with your full color company logo and contact information. You can order your 2D barcodess HERE. The clear over laminate that is on the top of these 2D barcodes protects the printing from being scratched or fading from exposure to the sun or other UV light sources. The 3M adhesive is made to stick to very difficult surfaces like metal and plastic. See the 3M Data Sheet Here. Click here to see a video where we tested these qr code labels on a bulldozer. Here is our data sheet for the Strongest level barcode labels.

Option #2 - Stronger Mid Level 2D barcodes

Our Stronger level of 2D barcodes are made with a 5 mil vinyl and a 5 mil clear protective laminate on top with 2 mils of permanent adhesive on the back. Our Strongest & Stronger level 2D barcodes digitally printed in full color so you have no limitations. We can make any size or shape qr code labels that you want, so if our standard .75" x 1.5", .75" x 2", or 1" x 2" size qr labels don't fit your needs, no problem! You can order your Stronger level qr code labels HERE. Here is our data sheet for Stronger level barcode labels.

Option #3 - Strong Economy Level 2D barcodes

Our Strong level 2D barcodes are made by using a 2 mil polyester that has 1 mil adhesive on the back. These qr code labels are thermal transfer printed on the polyester, and there are several color options are available. These 2D barcodes don't last as long as our Stronger or Strongest level barcodes, so if you don't know which one you need, you can watch this video that describes all three levels of our 2D barcodes. To order your Strong level 2D barcodes HERE. For more information on our qr code labels, click here for our Strong level barcode labels data sheet.

These 3 videos explain the features of each strength level of our Barcode Stickers:

Standard sizes for our qr code labels are:
  • 1" x 2"
  • .75" x 2"
  • .75" x 1.5"

(custom sizes and shapes are available)

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Watch this video to see the features of all 3 types of our qr code labels: Strong, Stronger, & Strongest.

We put our qr code labels on a bulldozer to see if they would hold up while it moved 100 tons of sand - see what happens in this short video!

Watch this video to see how they held up.

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