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Here are our 3 strength levels for you to choose from:

Our Strongest Level asset tags have been field tested in some very extreme conditions by companies like Dupont that use our asset tags on their heavy equipment and their railroad cars, to Pokemon, to Delta Airlines, Walmart uses them in their fulfillment centers and warehouses, to Smuggler's Notch who uses them on their snow ski rentals and their heavy equipment. If you are looking for a long lasting asset tag that won't scratch and will stick better than anything you have ever tried before, our Strongest Level asset tags are exactly what you need.

Here are the features and pricing for our Strongest Level asset tags:

Our Stronger Level asset tags are pretty darn strong and are used in schools and universities as well as hospitals and IT companies. These vinyl labels have a clear protective laminate on top that keeps them from scratching, and the 2mil adhesive on the back sticks great to smooth surfaces. These asset tags can be used indoor or outdoor and they are waterproof. If you are looking for an asset tag that will hold up under more extreme industrial type conditions, we recommend our Strongest Level asset tags.

Here are the features and pricing for our Stronger Level asset tags:

Our Strong Level asset tags are thermal transfer printed polyester labels available in silver or white, and they have permanent adhesive on the back and are recommended for smooth surfaces that don't get subjected to harsh treatment because they don't have a clear laminate on top to protect the printing.

Here are the features and pricing for our Strong Level asset tags:

These three videos explain each strength level of our asset tags in detail:

Strong Asset Tags doesn't just make asset tags. We also print high quality graphic overlays, 3D nameplates, and tamper proof labels

Watch this video to see the features of all 3 types of our asset tags: Strong, Stronger, & Strongest.

We tested our "Strongest" asset tags on the steel tracks of a bulldozer. Watch this video to see if they survived.

We tested our "Strongest" asset tags on the steel tracks of a bulldozer, on a steamroller, front end loader, and then we blew them up! Watch this video to see if they survived.

Our overlays can transform a boring painted enclosure into a work of art!

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